Vision & Mission statement


Organizations are to benefit in order to focus fully on their core business. Facility management and logistical tasks are therefore increasingly outsourced to third parties, whereby finding the suitable business partner(s) is the key to success. In addition, it is of great importance that the contracts agreed will be implemented in the correct manner and that all (price) agreements will be respected and controlled. Expertise and experience need to be in place in order to verify the market conformity of the agreements on continuous operational and strategic level.

DMC provides a total concept with respect to contract management with as starting point that our advices are always results-oriented and valuable.

Mission statement

DMC imposes itself the obligation to optimally serve its clients interest with the aim to provide high level quality, which is based on the broad experience of our consultants. The principal criteria for the realization of the objectives are competence, reliability, integrity, business ethics, customer focus and knowledge of the market. We pay high attention to social and environmental responsible solutions. By listening to our clients we are uniquely able to translate their wishes and requirements for optimal contract management

Vision and mission statement DMC