Corporate Social Responsibility

Within our organization provision of high quality has our utmost attention and we strive to maintain this level in the long term by investing in quality and efficiency for all involved parties. We also attach importance to environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices. In the conduct of our business activities economically sound measures and provisions are being taken to the best of our ability to minimize any adverse impact on the environment.

Destiny Management Consultancy makes moral choices in its actions and deals in a sustainable way with its employees, customers and environment. In doing so we act in accordance with the law, regulations and generally accepted standards and values. We value the needs of employees, partners, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders and are transparent in communication with these parties. The best possible control and the reduction of environmental burden is a consistent point of attention in business operations.

In addition, we have an open mind with respect to our social commitment by supporting foundations that strive for the welfare of people and animals.

Corporate Social Responsibility DMC