We are proud that these companies preceded you in using our services on basis of long-term partnership, besides clients from smaller scale but no less important for us.

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Target group

The service provision of DMC focuses on (multinational) organizations and governmental authorities, which seek advice in the field of logistics issues. Often these are organizations that send staff on an international assignment basis, utilizing service provision in the area of Relocation Services, including the related moving and shipping of household goods. DMC also provides services to any size companies seeking professional assistance in establishing, maintaining and implementing quality management systems.

Our clients describe DMC as an experienced, professional, independent, analytical, practical and pragmatic, results-oriented, cost-effictive, flexible, transparent and reliable.

Clients usually contact DMC upon recommendation of our existing clients. If required we can provide reference letters or put you in touch with contract managers, who can inform you about the nature and level of our service.